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Listing: 1988 Lincoln Town Car
Body: Full-Size

Vehicle Story: As of 11/10/2016 I'm Still looking for a roof assembly with sunroof/moonroof still attached for a 1980's to early 1990's Lincoln, prefer from a 1980-88 car but at this point will consider others. I need the complete setup with 6" inches of the steel roof still attached all the way around the sunroof opening. I also need the same amount of the headliner from the interior with the sunshade attached. Also need the complete sunroof itself with wiring harness, sunroof motor, switch, switch overhead console and all the metal bracing that holds the sunroof up to the roof. Basically the whole roof section with the sunroof/moonroof attached. I want to weld/drop this into my '89 Ford LTD Crown Vic. There HAS to be one of these out there. Any full-size Ford, Mercury or Lincoln from the late 1970's to the early 1990's should work as long as it has the flat style roof like my '89 boxy style Ford LTD Crown Victoria has . I actually might buy two setups if I can get them as I want to put one in my 1969 Ford LTD as well that also has the flat style roof. I just want to cut a square hole in my roof and weld in this roof assembly with the sunroof still attached that's why I need part of the metal roof of the donor car. if you are within 100 miles of Chicago, I can come out and pickup myself . any farther and it will have to be shipped so a local within 100 miles pickup is highly encouraged. please let me know what you got.

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