1982 Ford Pickup Restoration: Family Values

Shay Bagley, from Houston Texas, is restoring a 1982 Ford Pickup with her sons. This will be her oldest son’s truck and she plans on repeating the process for her other two sons. She recently found the rust free, short wide bed for the restoration project on PartingOut.com.

Shay grew up with her grandfather instilling the valuable lessons of how to change her own tire and work on her vehicles herself. The lessons she learned of accomplishment and ingenuity she wants to inspire in her own family.

She feels that through restoring this 1982 Ford her boys will learn the value of self-reliance and a true respect for their vehicles and hard work. We could not agree more, “I don’t feel there is a better way to accomplish this, than to rebuild as a family. I have two other sons that we will be doing the same thing for.”

Shay and her sons drove over 300 miles to pick up the bed and start their family adventure of restoring their 1982 Ford Pickup.


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  1. That is so cool. I wish that my first car was restored by my parents and me. That would have been awesome. Thanks for the post.

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