’s Challenge: Auto Salvage Industry is providing tools that are nowhere else online and require a mindset change.

For instance, anywhere else online a buyer looking for a used part does a “part search” that is targeted at that specific part. If the part is not “listed” as an individual part for sale it is out of the reach of the buyer. If the part search returns no matches the buyer leaves.

At just because the specific part hasn’t been listed by the seller doesn’t mean it’s not available for purchase. Our “part search” returns not only listings that have the part specifically listed, but also vehicles that match the desired year, make and model. Why? Because buyers have the ability to list the parts themselves by creating a Buyer Listed Part offer.

Convincing the Buyers 

First, a buyers find the right vehicle, if they see the part they need in the pictures but it hasn’t been listed they click the Buyer Listed Part button. Buyers then select the part from a drop down, state the conditions they require the part to be in, and let the seller know how much they are willing to pay.

This is a “wild” and “crazy” idea but it is logical and works! Every day buyers are listing their own parts and sellers are selling parts they never considered valuable when buying salvage. However, keeping people from walking away when their “part search” does not return the exact part they are looking for, but instead asking them to list it themselves is difficult, because it’s a completely new idea.

Convincing the Sellers

Similarly, convincing sellers they do not have to inventory every piece of salvage (the predominate technique), but instead can simply upload photos and then let sellers do the listing themselves is difficult because we are attempting to change the way the salvage business does business online.

Even though we are providing a deal flow that takes out the added cost of having to inventory every part, or the top twenty parts, and instead of guessing what parts might sell and instead allowing the buyers to list parts themselves takes convincing.

We are working on making the marketplace for used parts better every day and hope you will join us as we strive to create the best place online to buy and sell used parts:


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Sellers on – Rebuilders , Specialists, Car Enthusiast, Full Service Auto Recyclers & more

Check out this handful of Seller bios to get a better idea of the different types of sellers on

Rebuilders & PartingOut On the Side

  • “Individual, occasional seller who funds “project” cars by selling off remainder of parts from “donor” cars.” Laurel, IN
  •  “I am a solo car enthusiast and enjoy working on them in my spare time.” Fort Worth, TX
  • I salvage a few vehicles a year. Usually something I bought for parts for one of my other projects.”  Stockbridge, GA
  • “I am not a parts dealer. I have some parts leftover from a car that I rebuilt and am in the process of selling them for a great deal.” Boise, ID
  • “I part out cars on the side. I usually have at least a few cars at a time and I am honest and reliable.”  Kansas City, KA
  • “I part out cars as I have time.” Burkburnett, TX
  • Quick Care Towing is a towing company and we buy unwanted vehicles from customers to scrap.” Harmans, MD


  • “I am a Jaguar XJS owner/driver that specializes in the 83-91 Jaguar XJS V-12. I have owned XJS’s for 10 years and have been selling parts for 8 years now. I enjoy meeting fellow XJS owners and can often steer you in the right direction on problems you may be having.” Rock Hill, SC
  • Exclusive BMW used parts store. We have been salvaging and restoring BMW’s for 5 years. We have 15 years of combined BMW mechanical experience. We feature BMW parts from the late 1970′s to 2003.” Alpine Foreign Auto Oklahoma City, OK
  • “Salvage Yard specializing in pickups and SUVs from 1990—2009” Discount Auto Salvage Wichita Falls, TX

Full Service Auto Recyclers

  • Box Auto Salvage Midland, Texas: “We are a used auto parts recycler in business over 30 years. We do our best to sell good quality parts – we inspect all parts before shipping – we try to give as accurate description of parts as possible.”
  • Chop Shop Auto Parts Forest City, NC: “A family run salvage yard located in Western North Carolina. We take great pride in our business and strive to provide quality used auto parts and exceptional service to our valued customers. If there is anything that we can do to make your experience with us better please let us know.”
  • Hostetter’s Salvage Inc. Shippensburg, PA: “Been in business since 1995. Our 13 acre salvage yard has varies make and models of vehicles. Our inventory of cars, trucks and other vehicles rotates often. We buy your old salvage vehicles at the going scrap prices.”
  • K&K Motors Graham, TX: “We now carry a large inventory of cars & trucks for parts. Our yard is 75 acres full of late models as well as older vehicles for parts. A typical day at K& K could see the arrival of a late model 4×4 salvage pickup and a 1970 Plymouth with a 440 engine.”
  • A1 PartSmart Austin, TX “A full service auto parts recycler with close to 100,000 parts in inventory, specializing in late model foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Without losing site of the local customer A1 PartSmart has daily delivery routes throughout Central Texas and ships parts nationwide and internationally.”

 These are just a few examples, everyone is welcome to sell used auto & motorcycle parts on whether you have single part to sell, one vehicle or 100 vehicles to part out you are welcome here!






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Forums: Classifieds or Community? welcomes as featured Used Auto Parts Marketplace for its members 

Forums are popular with all types of hobbyists but you would be hard pressed to find a group that loves forums more than car people. It’s safe to say almost every make and model has a forum dedicated to it.  The work that goes into maintaining or restoring cars and trucks is most greatly appreciated by others who do the same, thus forums are a great place to share photos of progress or finished rebuilds, restorations, and customs.

These communities are tight and heavily patrolled to keep the content fresh and specific to the form’s make and/or model.  But, one thing that you will find on most forums is random and unorganized classified ads.

If you are a forum member you are familiar with angry users fed up with classifieds being where they shouldn’t, resulting in unorganized forums. These are three quotes I pulled from a forum I’m a member of:

  • “Please check out the forum rules you will go nowhere fast listing stuff for sale in the forum section’”
  •  “There should be a X forum in the classifieds to help filter out all the X listings from the X listings. Would help clean up the clutter and I’m sure it isn’t that much work to add to the forum.”
  •  “If you’re new to the X community, it is highly recommended that you browse this forum first. It will save you a lot of trouble.”

 Administrators will tell you users want to be able to sell and buy parts, but how far does that go until it dilutes the purpose of the forum?

 When we first started we envisioned being a greatest tool for forums by being their “classified section” so the administrators and users can get back to the point of the forum, a community not a classified site.  As car people ourselves, and members of several online car communities, we feel the pain of the users and can imagine the administrators difficulty in finding a balance.

This has come to reality! has seen the value in giving their users easy access to on their site for a better experience buying and selling used parts online. has a great community who share stories on personal forums, has a place designated for bragging rights, and easily shares their car photos with the group, but its primary function is every car guy’s dream resource. If you are looking for the latest auto news, car event information, stories about your favorite cars or owners, auction news, auto personalities, you can find it at

Still, the greatest resource is the Auto History Preservation Society’s Library, or better known as the “Vault.”  Here you can find “Factory Generated Publications, a Photo Archive, Manufacturer’s Car Brochures & Advertisements as well as a Magazine Archive – all ready for you to view and/or download.”

Now when users click “buy & sell” they are taken to through a window on their site.

Bob Gerometta CEO said, “ is excited to have as our featured source for searching for those hard-to-find or one-off parts. has a highly creative method of bringing together parts cars and parts with our membership. We want to extend a warm welcome into the Wild About Cars world.”

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Read about’s New Developments & Future Plans

in the latest The 1M/1M Incubation Radar 2012 on

“PartingOut’s strategy addresses the problem of excess unsold parts, and provides sellers with additional revenue per vehicle without the added cost of inventorying the car parts themselves.

“I have seen the big money focus on the large item parts [...] but I have seen the cost of salvage go up and up and the percentage of parts sold go down,” Fullerton says, which he explained is a result of the selling environment and aftermarket parts availability. Though beyond top parts the aftermarket side is fixed, PartingOut’s goal is to alter the environment in which many part requests go unfulfilled. Its unique platform lists vehicles as whole entities, rather than by part. Buyers subsequently remove parts as requested and sell more after the purchase of the vehicle.”  

exurb from The 1M/1M Incubator Radar 2012 on is a proud member of One Million by One Million (1M/1M)

“a global virtual incubator that aims to nurture a million entrepreneurs to reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond by 2020, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs.”

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@theMediaMart shout out video to Someone Has Your Parts!

If you’re a car guy, you’ll love the @theMediaMart youtube channel, especially if your looking for an honest car review.  Tony, the guy behind and in front of the camera, is just an average guy doing this because he is passionate about cars- so you know its good stuff.

Check out his awesome shout out video to Someone Has Your Parts!

Check out all the great car reviews, car owner spot-lights and other awesome videos @theMediaMart

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Auto Recyclers using to expand Qualified Retail Customer base

Auto Recyclers,

Our research shows, the auto-recycling industry has focused on the wholesale, insurance, dealership, major garage type customers, while the retail customer has been overlooked. This retail customer spends a lot of money on parts, but not nearly enough within our industry.

By changing the retail environment, we believe, the retail customer, once again, will become another strong, profitable segment of our business. We need this segment of the market back. By adding to your selling tools you will be expanding your qualified customer part requests. is a venue that expands your market place, not competing with your yard management system; it is about increasing your customer based. generates qualified requests, allowing you to make timely and profitable sales.

Sign up for your Free account today

and with No Listing Fees create as many listings as you want. 

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1982 Ford Pickup Restoration: Family Values

Shay Bagley, from Houston Texas, is restoring a 1982 Ford Pickup with her sons. This will be her oldest son’s truck and she plans on repeating the process for her other two sons. She recently found the rust free, short wide bed for the restoration project on

Shay grew up with her grandfather instilling the valuable lessons of how to change her own tire and work on her vehicles herself. The lessons she learned of accomplishment and ingenuity she wants to inspire in her own family.

She feels that through restoring this 1982 Ford her boys will learn the value of self-reliance and a true respect for their vehicles and hard work. We could not agree more, “I don’t feel there is a better way to accomplish this, than to rebuild as a family. I have two other sons that we will be doing the same thing for.”

Shay and her sons drove over 300 miles to pick up the bed and start their family adventure of restoring their 1982 Ford Pickup.


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A Market for Every Part: From Texas to Saudi Arabia

It’s not just a slogan; there truly is a market for every part.

For several years, my friend Mo has come over from the eastern part of the world and bought Chevy Luvs Parts from 1981 to 1986, along with, Isuzu Pickup Parts, such as, the cabs door, suspensions, engine, transmissions and certain rear axle assemblies.

Now I have a truck loaded full of parts to ship to Saudi Arabia because the buyer and seller met at the same place at the same time. It’s simple, use to let people know what you have for sale because someone, somewhere needs the parts you have.

“He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well is not so apt to get the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.” – author unknown

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Bob’s Garage’s take on’s tools

We had a great conversation with the owner of Bob’s Garage in Detroit, MI about the values he sees in the tools of

Particularly, he saw the value of Parts Wanted Listings to find the more rare and uncommon parts for his restoration projects, as well as, the ability for buyers to list parts on their own through the Buyer Listed Part feature.

Like he said, “someone may have listed the door hinge, but you might want the handle, latch or the door itself,” and at buyers have access to those unlisted parts!

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Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Motorcycles & Late Models – ALL on

 All types of Vehicles & Motorcycles of any Model, Year, or Make are welcome on There is the breakdown of categories and why they are important to our online marketplace.

 Muscle Cars: All over the country there are cars that still have lots of good parts left. The parts are there but they are trapped in a state of decay or scrapped because of a faulty marketplace. The trouble or hassle to list each part is too much and the time versus reward (not always monetary) is too great.


We change this. Just list the vehicle post the photos price a few parts with an honest description and let the site work that piece of salvage for you. We would never want to see a restorable car taken apart but a donor is needed to resurrect some cars.

Once a project is completed, please consider listing your donor car so others can see it, make offers and buy your extra parts for their project. We will see more of these come online as PartingOut becomes a viable resource for buying & selling used auto parts.

Classic Cars: these are the ones that are just that, a Classic. A car you see and say “wow that’s nice, cool or beautiful work of art.” And this same response can be applied to a show car winner or barn find made to run again. In other words, it’s who’s looking at it and what they see.

Classics cover such a wide spectrum from a 1936 Cord, 810 Westchester, to a great American classic 1957 Chevy Bel-Air convertible. With thousands more makes and models each one is someone’s favorite. This makes more parts available, but not near as concentrated as the Muscle Cars.

In my years of dealing in salvage parts I cannot think of a single classic that didn’t have a following along with a demand for parts. So if you have parts or a whole vehicle that is deemed “not to be restored” please list it for Free on PartingOut. Because there is a Market for Every Part: someone has your parts and someone needs your parts.

 Motorcycles:  We just added this category to the site and believe our marketplace is going to be well received because the way PartingOut has been developed works really well with motorcycles. One reason is there is no real published interchange of parts, which leads to questions and comparisons.

We encourage the open sharing of information between buyers and sellers so the correct part gets sold. The listings are few at this time so we hope you will list your parts bikes here and help grow this online marketplace.

 Late Models: These are current years and back ten years, give or take, depending on the individual, so any vehicle newer than 1984 qualifies. This market is the largest and covers all current makes and models.

This is where most of us are in our current transportation. If you need a pickup bed for a 2010 Ford F250 Super Duty or a sun visor for your Volvo S70, search Parting Out listing for the parts you need or create a Parts Wanted Listing and have sellers looking for you. Create as many listings as you want and they are all Free: no listing fees. lets you take something of value and multiply that value by selling it off in parts to make something else whole.

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